Avoiding Sociopaths

Run in the opposite direction!

Okay, so it’s not exactly that easy. You likely won’t know someone is a sociopath when you first meet him/her. Sociopaths are charming and skilled at hiding their true nature until they know you’re emotionally invested in them because once you’re emotionally invested it’s harder for you to leave the person. You’re dedicated to making things work because they were a totally different person when you met them and they’ve duped you into believing that’s the person they truly are instead of this monster they’ve suddenly become. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with one then you know how difficult it is to break free from their manipulative grasp.

My research on sociopaths began shortly after I ended an awful relationship I was in. I was going about my day when a thought suddenly hit me, “I wonder if he’s a sociopath.” I immediately looked up the signs online and was shocked to learn he was. Probably because I didn’t even know what a sociopath was or how to spot the signs of one! If I had known the signs I would have left him the second they started manifesting.

Let me give you two warnings:

1) Sociopaths will always be the victim. Listen to their stories of their dealings with other people. If the person is never at fault in any of their stories and everything is always done to them, they’re probably a sociopath. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but the sociopath thinks they never make mistakes and that everyone else is wrong.

2) If someone tells you that you are too good for them, YOU ARE! Sociopaths use this line as a manipulation tool to make you think they’re humble and decent. If someone you’re dating says you’re too good for them you should immediately look up the signs of a sociopath and assess whether he/she has the signs. If not, keep a lookout. If so, follow the guidelines in the article I post at the end.

Choosing to be (or stay) emotionally healthy means you gotta do what you gotta do, even if it’s heartbreaking and difficult in the beginning.

Unfortunately the number of sociopaths is rapidly growing in our society. Make sure you know the signs so you can protect yourself from their destructive behavior. Sociopaths are not worth getting involved with. They will never change. Never. They’re not worth the time, emotional investment, pain, suffering and torment. Your self-esteem will diminish if you do get involved with one. Choose to keep your self-esteem and your sanity.

Here’s the best article I found that will help you identify and avoid these toxic individuals.


Good luck and God bless.


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