Stealing A Chicken

People will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Allegedly, Mila Kunis stole her friend’s pet chicken “Doggie” 25 years ago, when she was 7 years old and they were living in the Ukraine. How do you hide a chicken? The only way I can imagine is by cooking it up and eating it!

Doggie, is that you?

Get in my belly!

If this story is even true, why is this friend coming out about it now instead of when Mila was a huge star on That 70’s Show? This is just bizarre. People are so stupid and sue happy these days. You can tell the former friend wasn’t raised in the USA because she’s only suing for $5,000. Stupid people raised in America sue for millions over dumb stuff like not getting a napkin with their meal. I give her kudos for not suing for some overly ridiculous amount of money.

Now the question is: Does having a stolen pet really warrant the need to get therapy? Does it really prevent you from pursuing the American dream? The girl has moved to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career but if she needs therapy over a pet stolen from her 25 years ago then my guess is she won’t make it in showbiz. A person needs thick skin to make it and she doesn’t have that.

It was 25 years ago. She was a child! Get another chicken. Geez.

I hope she makes the most of those 15 minutes…

Here’s the article:


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