Daniel Bess: I Love This City

Okay, so I’ve been up for a while because I have a cat who thinks it’s time to eat at 5 AM, which is actually 4 AM for me since I’m in denial about Daylight Savings Time. What does that really save anyway? Anywho, I’m trying to function on maybe 1 hour of sleep and I figured I would review this song for you since I haven’t crashed yet.

I didn’t have the lyrics so I thought I would do this review a little differently. I’m kinda grouchy when I’m on no sleep so I’m not exactly in the mood to write the lyrics down. In lieu of the lyrics, I’m going to post the video and then talk about it. Yay!

The thing that I like about this song is that it actually tells a story! Most songs are nonsense these days. Words thrown together to form an incoherent sentence just because they want to rhyme! The words to this song don’t rhyme and yet it works! It also works well with the music.

I haven’t done any research on Daniel Bess but under the video it says he’s from the show Last Resort. I’ve never heard of the show and obviously haven’t seen it so I’ll have to assume he’s an actor. Daniel wrote the lyrics and the music for this song. The video features someone When Calls The Heart fans will recognize: Daniel Lissing. As a side note: I was really disappointed that most of the comments on the video were from groupies professing their undying love for Lissing instead of taking the time to recognize the talent of Bess since he’s the one actually singing the song! Are they blind? Do they not see that Lissing is just accompanying him? He’s not even doing any major singing and these people are going on about his singing as if he just sung a solo! As if Bess isn’t even there! (Insert exasperated sigh here) Groupies. But I digress…

Bess and Lissing play their instruments very well, perform well together and harmonize well. I’m not an expert on musical instruments but it appears that Bess is playing the ukulele and that Lissing is playing the acoustic guitar. I really like that the music is mellow and laid-back. It really is a pretty tune in itself.

I’m not exactly sure how the lyric, “Let’s make a baby” fits into the song but I’m sure it makes sense to Bess. It is his creation after all. You might also notice in the video that the guys kinda start giggling at that line. Boys. Sheesh.

The lyrics are pretty straightforward so you don’t have to over-analyze in an attempt to understand it, you just get to kick back and enjoy it.

I wish this song was available on Spotify in both the current version and an instrumental version.

Until next time!



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