My Arch Nemesis Is An Airline – Part II

If you thought all the drama with United Airlines was far behind us, you’d be wrong.

I arrived in Zagreb and waited for my luggage at the carousel. It never appeared. I went to the Lost & Found office at the Zagreb Airport and sat down with a nice lady to report my missing luggage. She looked up the number from my luggage ticket and this is what we discovered:

The airport in Chicago didn’t bother to forward it!

I had asked numerous United Airlines agents at both the Chicago and Frankfurt airports if my luggage was going to be forwarded through and they assured me it would be. One even assured me that BY LAW my luggage had to be on the same flight I was on!

I arrived in Zagreb on Tuesday morning, a day late due to the cancellation and my luggage didn’t arrive until Wednesday night. We’re talking 9 or 10 PM.

When it arrived, it arrived damaged of course. It has damage that I don’t even understand how it could have possibly happened, for example: They broke the logo! How the heck do you break a logo on a suitcase???

Here are some pictures of the damage:

luggage 1

How did this happen? The logo is flat!

luggage 2

Major grease streaks all down the right side, bottom with a spot in the middle. Hard to see in a picture but it’s obvious when looking at it in person.

luggage 3

Broken zipper pull. Nothing major, just irritating…

Thank you, United Airlines. I understand that luggage will get a bit dirty during travel. I’m okay with that, but I’m not okay with my luggage coming back looking like trash. When it left my presence it was a nice piece of luggage and now it looks like it should be in a dump. This is how my luggage arrived in Zagreb.

Like I mentioned in Part I, this entire experience has made me decide to never fly with United Airlines ever again. Or to fly through the Chicago O’Hare airport either. I will gladly pay more to avoid both of them. United Airlines has got to be one of the worst travel companies in the world, if not THE worst!


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