VIP Cafe Bistro Pizzeria

I found this place by accident while wandering around the city after checking into my hostel. This place is a nice and friendly! I decided to try something I’ve never had before so I ordered the Tuna Pizza. Tuna on pizza seems a bit weird but it was actually interesting, not bad at all. The waiter was very nice and spoke English. When asked what I wanted to drink I said, “Water” and I was brought out a small bottle of water, which I was charged for. I’ve noticed this seems to be standard at the restaurants in Croatia. Maybe it’s a Europe thing. In the USA we just do (free) chilled water from the tap!

The manager is friendly and goes around to the tables to see how everyone is doing. When I told him my family is from Brač he brought over figs and other foods from Brač for me to taste! I hadn’t been to Brač at that time so I enjoyed seeing foods from where my family hails from. He’s a funny guy. He speaks English but he told me I need to learn Croatian! =)

The manager also gave me complimentary pancakes. Croatia pancakes with cherries and cream 12102013Pancakes are a dessert in Croatia and are more like what Americans would refer to as crepes, which I just looked up and is the French word for pancakes… American pancakes are different from crepes though, much thicker and we eat them for breakfast instead of as a dessert. Leave it to America to turn dessert into breakfast! 😉

But I digress… The pancakes were filled with cherries, cream and topped with powdered sugar. It was delicious!

The point of all this is? I can’t wait to go there again!


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