5 Reasons You Should Choose The Window Seat

When I travel, I always choose the window seat. Here’s why:

1.  You get a fantastic view!
Have you ever seen Greenland from 30,000 feet at 3 AM? No? When looking down from the plane you see a large dark mass with sporadic areas of twinkling lights. Cities, towns, homes, people getting in their cars and driving to work or wherever they might be off to for the day. It’s beautiful. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it! You also get spectacular views of cities as you take off or land, witness stunningly beautiful sunrises and sunsets, get a bird’s eye view of islands and boats, or get a look at the tops of fluffy white clouds that almost make you feel like you could take a nap on them… Please, don’t attempt the last one.

2.  Less interruptions.
You don’t have anyone climbing over you to go to the bathroom every hour on the hour. Really, the only time you’re interrupted is when the Flight Attendants stop by to offer you snacks and beverages or to bring you your meal. Sounds good to me!

3.  You don’t get bumped into.
Let’s face it, it’s difficult to walk down those teeny, tiny aisles without bumping into someone! If you have a window seat you don’t have to worry about getting bumped into while you’re sleeping or watching a movie. Not to mention you don’t have anyone hovering over you as they try to grab something from the overhead compartment! Rest in peace, my friends.

4.  You don’t get stuck in the middle.
While Stealer’s Wheel might enjoy being stuck in the middle with you, I’m not interested. Who wants to risk getting stuck between a sumo wrestler and the guy with bad body odor?

5.  Avoid the madness.
The circus usually begins before the plane stops as everyone leaps from their seats to vie with one another over who gets to go first. Men suddenly forget to be gentlemen, pushing ladies out of the way so they can reach their destination one second sooner. Window Seaters don’t get hassled into moving out of the way to accommodate one of the clowns. Instead, sit back, relax and avoid the madness. If you wait about 10 minutes you’ll usually find that the majority of the folks have rushed out the door, giving you the opportunity to calmly gather your belongings without having to rush or risk leaving something behind. It’s totally worth it.


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