O’Hare TSA Humor

While waiting for my connecting flight to Munich, I bought a smoothie and wandered downstairs to the baggage claim. I’m paranoid about my luggage not making it to my destination… This trip only solidified my paranoia, you can read about that here. When I wandered back upstairs the lovely TSA man with the badge told me I couldn’t bring my food through! Apparently TSA rules state that liquids can’t be brought through the checkpoint, even if it was purchased on the other side of the checkpoint! So I chatted with some of the other TSA gents while I finished my smoothie.

One was especially funny and told me that I could freeze my smoothie first and bring it through the gate because it would then be a solid… Then he said that if I had any pumpkin pie he would have to confiscate 1/3 of it. I asked about sweet potato pie but he said that didn’t need to be confiscated. The other guy promptly jumped in and said he would have to confiscate that!

Great employees there.


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