Sightseeing vs. Family

Idaho is gorgeous.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve returned but now I’m seriously considering buying property there. I flew in to Salt Lake and instantaneously had what I like to call a “senior moment”. My brother-in-law and I were at baggage claim, waiting, and after a while I was starting to get anxious that my luggage had not made it on the flight. If you’ve read my stories about United Airlines then you understand why.

I thought to myself, “This cannot be happening again! What are the odds?”

After about 15 minutes, the only remaining pieces of luggage were black and my burgundy luggage wasn’t among them. Finally, a worker stops by to collect the unclaimed baggage and as he’s picking up the second piece I see burgundy and exclaim, “There it is!”

Turns out my luggage was sitting there the entire time but it was laying on it’s front so that no burgundy was visible at all.

Which goes to show you that it’s probably a good idea to memorize your luggage or put some kind of obvious identifier on both sides, just in case. Might help prevent future senior moments. For me at least.

We arrived in Idaho around 11 PM and my sister, brother-in-law and I stayed up until 12:30 AM talking. The last time I saw my sister was when she was pregnant with her first child, who is almost 2 years old now, and she had given birth to her second child a week before my arrival.

The next day I introduced them to “When Calls The Heart” and we spent the next two days watching season 1 and 2. My brother-in-law acts exactly like my brother when watching it. They both go nuts whenever something happens and want to know what’s going to happen. They also both have man-crushes on Mountie Jack. And crushes on every woman in the show. I guess Hallmark really knows how to cast!

Sadly, I didn’t get to see a whole lot of Idaho during my two-week stay as was planned. My sister watches a couple of kids for a lady she knows and her kids were sick. The lady claimed it was just allergies but her son had thick snot pouring from his nose and he coughed in my face numerous times. Definitely not allergies. I caught his cold and spent the entire two weeks sick.

No exciting sightseeing happened but I did get to spend time with my sister and I got to meet my nieces. Both of which were long overdue.

Short story shorter: Family is more important than any sightseeing ever could be.


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