Riverwalk Thai Food

This place is fantastic!

I love Thai food and I’m always up for trying a Thai place I’ve never been to before. This restaurant is located in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. My sister, best friend and I stopped here for lunch on our way back from Logan, Utah and I definitely did not regret it.

They had no problem accommodating me when I told them we needed three separate tabs. Some places actually refuse to do this, but they were okay with it. I love peanut satay sauce so I always order it. I fell in love with the sauce when I tried Thai for the first time at a restaurant near my house. I haven’t found a restaurant that makes the chicken and peanut satay dish the way that restaurant makes it, or as a main dish, but I’m never disappointed when I try a peanut satay dish at any Thai restaurant.

This restaurant offered a version of it as an appetizer. It was chicken strips (on a stick) with the peanut satay sauce on the side for dipping. I also ordered fried rice. Both were absolutely delicious! The fried rice was quite a large serving, probably meant for sharing, but I didn’t share!

The owners/staff are very nice and although it was nice that they don’t hover over patrons like some servers do at restaurants, it would have been good for them to make the rounds at least once or twice. I had to wait for the server to look over so I could motion to him that we needed more water. Once I did he promptly brought us another pitcher of water. No worries.

I spent a total of $24 for two or three dishes. I only remember eating two dishes, but I’m pretty sure I ordered three. I feel like there was a dessert involved, but I can’t remember. It’s been three weeks since I ate at this restaurant so some details escape my memory. It also probably doesn’t help that my food is usually gone within 5 minutes of it being served. I’m telling you, I scarf down food like a wild animal!

My sister forgot her take home container on the table by accident and the server actually ran out to her car to give it to her! He could have easily thrown it out instead of taking the time to run out after us.

Anywho, the restaurant is really good. I look forward to eating there again the next time I’m in Idaho.


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