Refugees and Kindness

I don’t watch the news very often anymore. Mostly because it seems the media prefers to show news that’s negative and I’m trying to become a more positive person. Occasionally, I’ll click on a news link as I’m perusing the happenings. Today, as I was doing just that, I ran across an article and video about a member of the Greek Coast Guard attempting to sink a boatload of Syrian refugees. At least that’s what he’s suspected of doing in the video. No one can really say but those who were there. The video evidence is awfully damning.

I don’t know if the video is staged or not. Either way it’s sad. If it’s staged then I’m sad that nations are more concerned with trying to make each other out to be evil instead of focusing on their own problems. If it’s not staged then I’m sad that anyone would deliberately attempt to sink a lifeboat full of refugees.

This is just one awful story among a plethora of awful stories. There are stories of puppies being trapped inside an aquarium with the lid cemented shut, mothers murdering their children, terrorist bombings here, there and everywhere… The list goes on.

It’s like we’re not even humans anymore.

Let’s say this video isn’t faked. That this Greek Coast Guard serviceman really did attempt to sink the lifeboat. Are these the actions of a lone imbecile? Was he following orders? What are the details? Neither excuses his actions but it’s good to know details. How very sad that someone would attempt to drown their fellow man. Even more so that someone who is supposed to save lives would make an effort to take them.

I’m glad the Turkish Coast Guard was there to pick up these refugees!

But I have a few questions…

1) Why did the Turkish CG watch this entire thing unfold, take the time to video it yet not take the time to intervene as it was happening?
The Turkish CG just happened to be there with a video camera? And then Waited until they were finished filming and waited until the lifeboat was sinking to pick up the refugees?

2) Was this in Greek waters? If so, what is the Turkish CG doing in Greek waters? Nations aren’t supposed to be patrolling their neighboring nations’ waters.

Does any of this seem strange to anyone else? That seems strange to me.

I don’t know about you but if I saw a lifeboat full of people sinking I wouldn’t sit back and wait around to see if anyone else is going to pick them up. No. You get your lazy butt over there to help. Even if someone else is already helping out you go over and say, “Hey there, do you need any help picking these folks up?” You don’t sit back, filming the entire thing, and wait for the boat to sink before helping out.

Now, let’s say this was in international waters and the Greek CG was deliberately trying to sabotage refugees. Why waste the energy going out to international waters to sink a lifeboat? Why not wait until they reach Greek waters, intercept them and send them back home? Why risk having the blood of others on your hands when you can legally refuse them and send them back or send them to a nation that will accept them?

Hopefully the actions of this Greek CG serviceman were his alone and not orders from the CG. Maybe the Greek CG took off out of embarrassment once they saw what he was doing and that they were being filmed. They’re denying the whole incident, of course.

If I were his fellow serviceman I would throw him overboard.

Okay, maybe not. Although, it would save time, effort and the expense of conducting an investigation, having a trial and forcing citizens to pay for his incarceration with their taxes should things take a turn in that direction.

I’ll leave you to make your own decision as to whether this incident really happened or was faked.

All I know is that we need more humanity and kindness in this world. More kindness to our family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and animals. More kindness to strangers. More importantly, we need to show more kindness towards ourselves. We cannot fill the kindness reservoir of others if we first do not fill our own reservoir.

Today, I offer you a challenge: Be kind to yourself today and every day. Believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities. Surround yourself with goodness. Tell yourself you’re smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, cool enough, fun enough, etc. Behave with confidence, grace and kindness. Your life will flourish if you do.

Kindness begins with us.


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