Trolls = Bullies

Tonight I was on the Boar’s Head Facebook page and I saw a post by a woman simply requesting, “Please get rid of caramel coloring, malodextrin and lab – processed “natural flavors” in your meat products. Many of them, especially caramel coloring are linked to cancer. There is also no need for so much sugar in deli meat. Join other large corporations and make a positive change in your community.”

Polite. Courteous. Factual. She didn’t post with malicious intent or with a tone/vibe of negativity. She was simply a consumer making a request. And what happens? The trolls come out in full force. But not against her, per say.

They immediately started attacking Vani Hari (aka: Food Babe)! Are people really so petty that a consumer can no longer post on a company page without trolls attacking someone who wasn’t even mentioned in the post? Are people really so petty that they have to bully others, name call, and accuse people of being all sorts of things over meat products?

So I’m going to say what everyone is thinking: Trolls are bullies. Plain and simple. They probably go about their everyday lives posting memes and videos on Facebook about kindness, karma, love and how we need to stop bullying, all the while they go to random sites and bully others for simply not believing the same things they do.

It’s pathetic.

I wonder if their bullying comments ever show up in the news feeds of their families and friends. Can you imagine how awkward that family dinner would be? I imagine it would go something like this:

Family gathered for Sunday dinner:

Mom: So dear, I saw that awful comment you said to that girl on Facebook. You know, the one where you said she was an idiot and a fear-mongerer for asking for more organic options? Where did that come from? I know I didn’t raise you to be rude.

“Adult” Child/Troll: F**k you, Mom!

Unless Mom and Dad support their troll son or daughter’s bullying, in which case the conversation would go slightly different:

Mom: So dear, I saw that awful comment you said to that poor girl on Facebook. You know, the one where you said she was an idiot and a fear-mongerer for asking for more organic options? Your father and I are so proud of you!

“Adult” Child/Troll: I learned from the best! (beaming with feral pride)

Can you imagine how horrible it must feel to know your child grew up to be a bully/troll and to see the awful, horrible comments they make to others on the internet or in person? To see the way they treat others?

I don’t know about you but I would only want my children to treat others with respect. Yes, I would still want them to stand up for themselves, their beliefs, principles and others, but I would want them to do so with respect.

When did it become okay to tear others down over stupid stuff like meat products? Actually, when did it become okay to tear others down at all? And why is Boar’s Head and these other companies on Facebook not taking a stand against their armies of trolling bullies? Why are they not moderating their pages? Do they secretly support these bullies?

Anyway, on this post that I mentioned above, and after seeing all the horrible comments people were making I simply said, “I like that the original poster (and many others) don’t even mention Food Babe in their post and yet every comment is attacking Food Babe as if she was even mentioned! Lol. I guess no one is allowed to think for themselves anymore. They must automatically be a food babe follower if they care about what’s in their food. Ridiculous.”

To which one troll named “Elizabeth Leigh Trescher” (if that’s even her real name or a real profile/person) replied to me with the following:

“They came here because of Food Babe. You obviously don’t think for yourself either.”

Really? That’s a pretty lame comeback. My Grandmother could come up with a better comeback and she’s dead!

By the way, how does she know the original poster came to the page because of Food Babe? Where is her proof? Her physical proof? Where is it? And why should she care if someone comes to a meat product page because of Food Babe? Is it really that important to her or these other trolls? Do they have nothing better to do with their time than to bully others over meat products?

They must REALLY love their sausage if they have to troll people who have concerns over the ingredients.

By the way, if you know Elizabeth Leigh Trescher you should probably give her some lessons on how to behave like a decent human being. She desperately needs it. Or a hug.

But she’s not the only one on the internet trolling and bullying random people they’ve never met, know absolutely nothing about and never will meet or know anything about. There’s millions of them! So if you know any of them, call them out! Don’t let them get away with it. A good friend will tell you when you’re being a jerk and when you’re out of line. Stand up against bullying/trolling!

Let’s be honest here… Good, decent human beings don’t act like feral animals to their fellow human beings. Not online, not in person, never. NEVER. They don’t treat their fellow human beings like garbage, s**t, dirt, or anything else on that level.

Only feral people treat others like that.

Good, decent human beings generally tend to treat their fellow humans with some respect. They don’t troll. They don’t name call. Good, decent human beings know how to state their opinions or facts with respect.

Sure, we all have our bad days now and then but if your bad day is every day and you’re stooping to bullying and abusing those around you, whether in person or on the internet, even if it’s verbal, then it’s time to change.

I don’t care who you are. You could be the freakin’ Dalai Lama, the Queen of England, or the President of the United States for all I care, it still isn’t okay for a person to bully and abuse anyone.

So let’s all grow up and start acting like the adults we want to be treated as.

Say no to bullying. Say no to trolling.


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