This evening I found a video of a couple who married in Postira, the village my Great-Grandparents left to make a new life in California.

Ljiljana & Luka / Wedding in Postira / Island of Brac from Bruno Bilonić on Vimeo.

The views of Postira are so beautiful and the views of the ocean are stunning. When I think deeper about this video I’m moved. I’m moved because I’ve wandered those streets. The same streets my ancestors walked daily. I’ve looked out at the ocean in the same places my ancestors looked out at the ocean. I’ve stood inside the same church where my ancestors celebrated marriages and births and I’ve stood in the same cemetery where my ancestors mourned the loss of loved ones.

I never had the opportunity to know my Great-Grandparents and I’ve never been present for any marriages, births or deaths while visiting Postira, yet somehow I feel closer to them when I see videos like this because I’m reminded of the experiences that we do share.

It overwhelms me with love and respect.

I can’t wait to meet them someday, when I’ve passed from the earthly phase of my life and move onto the eternal phase. I’ll finally have the opportunity to learn all about them and their lives.

It will be an exciting day, but let’s hope that day is 80 years from now, when I’m 115! Haha.


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