Why do you run?

Last year I decided I wanted to do a runDisney half marathon. Quite a tall order for someone who hasn’t really run since 2001! Even back in 2001 when I attempted to run my chest would hurt and I’d be panting for at least 5 minutes straight afterwards.

I had no idea I was running wrong!

These days you can find anything on the internet. Need a recipe to impress your frenemies? Google it. Need to know how to run? Google it. Need dating tips? Google it!

Um… Let’s just gloss over that last one and focus on the running.

Really this is all Pinterests fault. I didn’t know about runDisney until I saw it on Pinterest. It piqued my interest in a sport I hadn’t thought about in about 14 years. Of course, that led me to reading various articles online, all focused on running basics, run-themed accessories and running health.


Who wouldn’t want to wear hilarious shirts like this?

It made me think back further than 14 years to when I was in junior high and high school when we were forced to run laps around the track without being taught how to run. They march you out to the starting line without water or any basic knowledge of how to properly run and then blow the whistle.

“Go!” or some other appropriate starting command is yelled and you go. Why? Because we were taught to respect authority and not ask questions. We trusted that our gym teachers were teaching us proper technique. Why wouldn’t they, right?

These days my chest doesn’t hurt when I run and I definitely don’t spend 5 minutes trying to catch my breath! I started running in October but ended up getting shin splints, which set me back a while. Since then I’ve stuck to basic workouts like walking and going to the gym.

I started running again last week but this week is my real training start. I’m starting all over again but this time I have a plan.

Focusing on running health is going to be my major focus. I want to really make sure that I don’t injure myself and that my body is conditioned properly for this goal. I’ll be starting my mornings with yoga, 7 days a week. I’ll go for a run every other day so that I’m not overdoing it and I’ll be doing post-run stretching specifically designed to aid running afterwards.

Another goal, which I will dread, is to not consume sugar. At least not any extra sugar outside of fruits. Did I mention that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth? I’m sure you can imagine how excruciating that will be in the beginning.

For my run training I’ll be starting out with 1 mile every other day. While my run training officially started on Sunday, I won’t do my first run until tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. I guess that makes my run days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.

Basically, here’s how the training will go:

14 August – 20 August: 1 mile (every other day)
21 August – 27 August: 2.5 miles (every other day)
28 August – 03 September: 2.5 miles (you get the idea)
04 September – 10 September: 4 miles
11 September – 17 September: 4 miles
18 September – 24 September: 5.5 miles
25 September – 01 October: 5.5 miles
02 October – 08 October: 7 miles
09 October – 15 October: 7 miles
16 October – 22 October: 8.5 miles
23 October – 29 October: 8.5 miles
30 October – 05 November: 10 miles
06 November – 12 November: 10 miles
13 November – 19 November: 11.5 miles
20 November – 26 November: 11.5 miles
27 November – 03 December: 13 miles
04 December – 10 December: 13 miles
11 December – 17 December: 14.5 miles

Right now I can’t even imagine being able to run 5 miles let alone running 13.1 miles to complete a half marathon! I know I can do it though. I’m determined enough. Heaven knows when I set my mind to it I do  it. Unless I lose interest first…

The half marathon I want to do is the runDisney Star Wars – The Dark Side half marathon at Disney World in April 2017. If I finish training in December then that will leave me plenty of time to improve and work on being consistent.

Now the real question is: What character should I dress as?

Maybe an ewok?

Disney World has some great package deals. I booked one for my sister and brother-in-law for their honeymoon last year. I’ll do the same for myself for the half marathon. The half marathon is April 20-23rd. My plan is to fly in on Wednesday, April 19th and fly out on Wednesday, April 26th. That will give me 6 days of park fun and 7 nights of nice, relaxing, hotel sleepy goodness.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I will be doing the Dark Side Challenge. The Dark Side Challenge is running the 10k (6.2 miles) on Saturday, April 22nd and then the half marathon on Sunday, April 23rd.

I purchased compression socks and a pair of post-run sandals that are supposed to feel like you’re walking on a cloud. I’ll use those after both races and then after the half marathon I will head over to one of Disney Worlds fabulous spas for a Swedish massage.

I can hardly wait. Maybe I’ll be extra nice to myself and book a massage for after the 10k as well.

Of course, this is all providing that registration isn’t sold out by the time I’m ready to pay for it. Haha.

Anyway, I figured this goal will help keep me motivated to stay active and not get lazy. That’s the real reason I’m doing all of this.

Being a lazy couch potato is only fun until you run out of things to watch on Netflix. (Just kidding – I’m not really a couch potato, though I do get a tad lazy at times.)

This post is starting to get long so I’ll say goodbye and wish you all a good night. I’ll keep you updated on my goal progression.

To good health and good times.



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