Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have hope for the world.

Especially on days like today, #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay. It makes me wonder how our society could make such great strides in formally ending slavery while still continuing the practice behind closed doors. Except now it’s not only manual labor slavery, but any form of exploitation a person could imagine.

Society sits there pretending like most of these are normal and even acceptable. Society tells us it’s not our problem. “It’s not my problem,” society adamantly proclaims. I say it is our problem because the people being trafficked are our neighbors, people within our community, our fellow countrymen.

I wonder how many human traffickers have disappointed ancestors up above who fought against slavery.

If we did a poll it’s likely that the majority of people, if not all, would say that human trafficking is horrific and should be stopped. But how many of those people watch pornography? Pornography in itself is a form of human trafficking. Sex trafficking.

Every time someone watches porn it creates a demand. A pimp then goes out and exploits  someone to meet that demand and create more of that porn genre. How many are a contributor to that form of human trafficking?

The more we raise awareness about this global problem the more demand there will be for nations to come together to end it. We must band together to end this problem. If not for our own sake then for the sake of our future children.

Human trafficking has many genres. Labor, sexual exploitation, prostitution, pornography, and child brides are a few of these genres. In some countries parents handcuff their young daughters to them so they won’t be kidnapped and sold as brides.

What if it was your mother, sister, daughter, father, brother, or son who was trafficked? Would you only speak out then? Please, join the fight today so that none of us have to fear for our loved ones.


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