Clinical Trial – Part 1

Has anyone heard of the UFC fighter Mac Danzig? Did you know he eats a plant based diet?

The reason I bring this up is because my mom has Type 2 Diabetes. She’s been accepted into a clinical trial at Kaiser through their HALT program. The goal of this clinical trial is to find out if eating a plant based diet reverses disease. Not all Kaiser’s have this program and this clinical trial will determine whether other locations will implement the program.

The clinical trial is two years and starts on March 20th.

No animal products. No oils of any kind also. I’ll post a list of the can eat and can’t eats when I get it for those who want to follow along and see if it works for them.

Everyone who participates in the trial is asked to bring a support person with them if they have one. If they don’t have one the folks running the program will be the participants support people. Since I am my mom’s support person I will be attending all the meetings with her, cooking with her and eating the same plant based diet she will be eating. Basically, I will be keeping her on track for the next two years!

This means I have to find a way to make ice cream and other sweets using almond milk! You know I can’t live without my sweets! Haha.

I know a plant based diet may seem extreme to some. At first, it seemed that way to me too. Then I watched two very important documentaries that completely changed my perspective: Forks Over Knives and What The Health.

I’ve noticed many times that after I’ve eating I feel slightly sick to my stomach. I could never figure out why. Now I suspect the culprit is meat and dairy.

Just the other day my mom and I went to a restaurant and had salads. I had grilled chicken on top of mine and I was already feeling sick by the time we got home. I’m so looking forward to not feeling sick after I eat anymore!

One thing I’m going to have to sit down and figure out is what to do when I go on vacation to tropical islands or go to Disney World. That seems like it will be a challenge but I will have to consult the folks running the program and see what they recommend. I’m sure it will be easier than it seems.

And there goes part of my urban farm. Well, the chicken portion of it! Lol.

Since the diet calls for no animal products that means no eggs. I’ll be selling or giving away my chickens and deconstructing the chicken coops. I figured I’ll reuse the wood to build planter boxes. I might as well save some money for the next two years by growing my own food!

Wish us luck!


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