Run with Boo – Part 1

Well… I signed up for my first 5k run last night!

It’s a virtual run so I don’t have to do any actual traveling for this event. Perfect for getting my feet wet in the running world.

A virtual race is simply a race that can be done wherever and whenever you want to run it! For example, the Boston Marathon is (obviously) in Boston. If the Boston Marathon had a virtual race version you could run that race in your hometown instead of traveling to Boston.

Mighty convenient for those of us on a budget!

Anywho, the race I’ve signed up for is the Run with Boo 5k sponsored by Gone For A Run, a company that sells running merchandise online. They also have a Thanksgiving 5k and a Christmas 5k, both of which I plan on doing.

This particular run can be done between October 27 and November 10th, so there’s still time if you’re interested in signing up!

I called my Dad and asked him if he would be interested in walking it. He was excited about the idea and I purchased the run (or walk) as his birthday present. He lives in Utah though so maybe we can chat while he walks it. Ha!

Below you can see my instagram post showing the cool stuff you get when you sign up.

Should be a lot of fun! I’m planning on running it at a local park so I’ll have to run around the track twice. To help stave off the boredom of running the track twice I’ve decided to wear a costume. Let’s hope none of the locals call me in as an escaped mental patient!

My costume is going to be a white and black running tutu made out of tulle, knee high ghost socks and probably just the Run with Boo t-shirt. And maybe some ghost earrings or some other silly accessories. Maybe I could get a plain white t-shirt and draw a ghost on it or something. I’ll have to be careful of where I place the eyes…

Anyway! I’m excited. I’ll post again when my kit has arrived.



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