Gotta Run!

Last week I only ran on Saturday and I haven’t done any runs this week either. I’m going to run today as soon as my phone is done charging. Lol.

I was going to run on Thursday, right after work. I even had my running clothes and shoes in my gym bag! But the restrooms at the park were closed for maintenance and the one restroom that was available was absolutely disgusting! So I sat in the truck at the park for a few minutes trying to decide what to do. I decided to go home.

Maggie Smith did always have the best lines!

Lame of me, I know. If I didn’t have to pee I would have changed outside of a stall and gone for my run but I just couldn’t bring myself to go into one of those stalls!

I would have needed a hazmat suit to clean the stall first. Seriously!

Okay, phone is at 92%. Gotta run!

Literally. 😀


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