Well hello there!

So you want to know about me? I’ve been traveling off and on my whole life but I think the trip that turned me into a travel addict was my first international trip. It was 2006 and I went to Croatia to visit my friend and her family. Things just haven’t been the same since!

Now I have panic attacks if I go too long without traveling! That’s a real condition, right?


Hey, look, it’s me! Just your friendly, jolly drifter here…

After a slew of jobs that weren’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I suddenly found myself downsized due to budget cuts in early 2015.

I knew that it was a blessing in disguise and it made me realize that I needed to find out what my real passion is. Aside from those close to me, there are essentially three things I’m passionate about: Traveling, writing, and genealogy.

And so I created this site to document my adventures. Here I am and here you are.
Join me, won’t you?

Thanks for visiting. See you soon!


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