My Place Adelaide Backpackers Hostel

I booked this hostel through HostelWorld and stayed in February of 2009. I practically lived there for 2 weeks. The owner is a girl from Switzerland and she’s super nice and helpful. There were about 7 beds in the room. At the time I stayed there were co-ed rooms as well as all-female and all-male rooms. The area that the hostel is located is decent, the city center is within walking distance and I never had any trouble while I was there.

You get keys to your room so make sure you (and your roommates) lock the door at night. We forgot to lock our door one night and when we woke up there was some strange girl from another room sleeping on one of the beds. The owner wasn’t too happy to see her sleeping in a room she hadn’t been assigned and promptly woke her up and shooed her out of the room! We also got a brief lecture about locking the door. This place has a washer and dryer that work great, a kitchen with a stove, dishes, etc. and if I remember correctly, two fridges, so stock up! No, I’m kidding, be nice and at least leave one shelf for someone else, okay? ūüėČ

I met some really great people during my stay here. Some of the backpackers would clean the bathrooms in exchange for their stay and they did a good job keeping them clean while I was staying there.

There’s a great balcony to hang out on and if you’re into saunas, this place has one!¬†If you ever find yourself wandering through Adelaide, check this place out.


Chillout Hostel (Zagreb)

Chillout Hostel street

Lovely little kiosks in the morning.

I stayed at the Chillout Hostel¬†in December 2013. It has a great location and is very close to Ban Jelańćińá square as well as other squares. There are a lot of shops nearby. Old Town Zagreb (Gornji Grad) is above the hostel and the stairs to get to it is located at the end of the street next to the hostel. The street the hostel is on is narrow and was lined with food and drink kiosks on both sides.

Soundproofing inside the hostel isn’t all that great due to the fact that it’s in an old building but the noise¬†from other visitors is tolerable. The rooms are very small, again, due to being an old building but not bad since the place is just for sleeping. The beds are pretty comfy and there’s a wall outlet for each one so you can plug your stuff in. Beneath the bunk beds are drawers for storing your items, quite handy! There’s a kitchen where you can order food or you can buy your own food and use the kitchenette. There’s a bar area as well but I can’t tell you much about that because I don’t drink! =)

The same street the night before!

The same street the night before!

The staff is fantastic! I was having problems with an inconsiderate drunk in the room and the staff (and owner) were kind enough to move me to another room! I would definitely stay here again.

P.S. – Remind me to tell you the story of the drunk… Or at least write about it!