My Fav’s

Here’s a list of my favorite things and things I bring with me on my travels.

cannon powershot a1000is

Canon Powershot A1000IS

1) I really love the Canon Powershot series. This is the first one I purchased. I bought this beaut back in 2009,  right before my trip to Australia. I have taken some amazing photos with this little camera! It’s 10 MP with 4x zoom. Easy to take selfies with! 😜

I was visiting a cemetery in Utah, taking pictures of some headstones when the screen suddenly went black and never returned to normal. I can still take pictures, but the pictures are black. Eerie, right? Ghost Emoji (Google Hangouts / Android Version)

Eventually I’ll have it diagnosed and fixed.

Since then I’ve purchased another Canon Powershot.
A bigger one that is more difficult to take selfies with… Lol.

Here are some photos that I took with the Canon Powershot A1000IS.


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