Why do you run?

Last year I decided I wanted to do a runDisney half marathon. Quite a tall order for someone who hasn’t really run since 2001! Even back in 2001 when I attempted to run my chest would hurt and I’d be panting for at least 5 minutes straight afterwards.

I had no idea I was running wrong!

These days you can find anything on the internet. Need a recipe to impress your frenemies? Google it. Need to know how to run? Google it. Need dating tips? Google it!

Um… Let’s just gloss over that last one and focus on the running.

Really this is all Pinterests fault. I didn’t know about runDisney until I saw it on Pinterest. It piqued my interest in a sport I hadn’t thought about in about 14 years. Of course, that led me to reading various articles online, all focused on running basics, run-themed accessories and running health.


Who wouldn’t want to wear hilarious shirts like this?

It made me think back further than 14 years to when I was in junior high and high school when we were forced to run laps around the track without being taught how to run. They march you out to the starting line without water or any basic knowledge of how to properly run and then blow the whistle.

“Go!” or some other appropriate starting command is yelled and you go. Why? Because we were taught to respect authority and not ask questions. We trusted that our gym teachers were teaching us proper technique. Why wouldn’t they, right?

These days my chest doesn’t hurt when I run and I definitely don’t spend 5 minutes trying to catch my breath! I started running in October but ended up getting shin splints, which set me back a while. Since then I’ve stuck to basic workouts like walking and going to the gym.

I started running again last week but this week is my real training start. I’m starting all over again but this time I have a plan.

Focusing on running health is going to be my major focus. I want to really make sure that I don’t injure myself and that my body is conditioned properly for this goal. I’ll be starting my mornings with yoga, 7 days a week. I’ll go for a run every other day so that I’m not overdoing it and I’ll be doing post-run stretching specifically designed to aid running afterwards.

Another goal, which I will dread, is to not consume sugar. At least not any extra sugar outside of fruits. Did I mention that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth? I’m sure you can imagine how excruciating that will be in the beginning.

For my run training I’ll be starting out with 1 mile every other day. While my run training officially started on Sunday, I won’t do my first run until tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. I guess that makes my run days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.

Basically, here’s how the training will go:

14 August – 20 August: 1 mile (every other day)
21 August – 27 August: 2.5 miles (every other day)
28 August – 03 September: 2.5 miles (you get the idea)
04 September – 10 September: 4 miles
11 September – 17 September: 4 miles
18 September – 24 September: 5.5 miles
25 September – 01 October: 5.5 miles
02 October – 08 October: 7 miles
09 October – 15 October: 7 miles
16 October – 22 October: 8.5 miles
23 October – 29 October: 8.5 miles
30 October – 05 November: 10 miles
06 November – 12 November: 10 miles
13 November – 19 November: 11.5 miles
20 November – 26 November: 11.5 miles
27 November – 03 December: 13 miles
04 December – 10 December: 13 miles
11 December – 17 December: 14.5 miles

Right now I can’t even imagine being able to run 5 miles let alone running 13.1 miles to complete a half marathon! I know I can do it though. I’m determined enough. Heaven knows when I set my mind to it I do  it. Unless I lose interest first…

The half marathon I want to do is the runDisney Star Wars – The Dark Side half marathon at Disney World in April 2017. If I finish training in December then that will leave me plenty of time to improve and work on being consistent.

Now the real question is: What character should I dress as?

Maybe an ewok?

Disney World has some great package deals. I booked one for my sister and brother-in-law for their honeymoon last year. I’ll do the same for myself for the half marathon. The half marathon is April 20-23rd. My plan is to fly in on Wednesday, April 19th and fly out on Wednesday, April 26th. That will give me 6 days of park fun and 7 nights of nice, relaxing, hotel sleepy goodness.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I will be doing the Dark Side Challenge. The Dark Side Challenge is running the 10k (6.2 miles) on Saturday, April 22nd and then the half marathon on Sunday, April 23rd.

I purchased compression socks and a pair of post-run sandals that are supposed to feel like you’re walking on a cloud. I’ll use those after both races and then after the half marathon I will head over to one of Disney Worlds fabulous spas for a Swedish massage.

I can hardly wait. Maybe I’ll be extra nice to myself and book a massage for after the 10k as well.

Of course, this is all providing that registration isn’t sold out by the time I’m ready to pay for it. Haha.

Anyway, I figured this goal will help keep me motivated to stay active and not get lazy. That’s the real reason I’m doing all of this.

Being a lazy couch potato is only fun until you run out of things to watch on Netflix. (Just kidding – I’m not really a couch potato, though I do get a tad lazy at times.)

This post is starting to get long so I’ll say goodbye and wish you all a good night. I’ll keep you updated on my goal progression.

To good health and good times.




This evening I found a video of a couple who married in Postira, the village my Great-Grandparents left to make a new life in California.

Ljiljana & Luka / Wedding in Postira / Island of Brac from Bruno Bilonić on Vimeo.

The views of Postira are so beautiful and the views of the ocean are stunning. When I think deeper about this video I’m moved. I’m moved because I’ve wandered those streets. The same streets my ancestors walked daily. I’ve looked out at the ocean in the same places my ancestors looked out at the ocean. I’ve stood inside the same church where my ancestors celebrated marriages and births and I’ve stood in the same cemetery where my ancestors mourned the loss of loved ones.

I never had the opportunity to know my Great-Grandparents and I’ve never been present for any marriages, births or deaths while visiting Postira, yet somehow I feel closer to them when I see videos like this because I’m reminded of the experiences that we do share.

It overwhelms me with love and respect.

I can’t wait to meet them someday, when I’ve passed from the earthly phase of my life and move onto the eternal phase. I’ll finally have the opportunity to learn all about them and their lives.

It will be an exciting day, but let’s hope that day is 80 years from now, when I’m 115! Haha.

Alan Rickman

To everyone crying over Alan Rickman’s passing: Why are you sad? Death is not the end, it is the beginning. “Death” is simply passing from the mortal phase of our life to the immortal phase of our life. We do not die when our body does. We are our spirits, not our bodies, and our spirits are eternal.

Alan is probably up there rejoicing and having a great time reuniting with the friends and family who have passed before him. Be happy for him. Be happy that he’s reuniting with those loved ones. Be happy that he’s not sick anymore. If he’s happy, shouldn’t you be happy too? Don’t mourn his passing, CELEBRATE his life!

Trolls = Bullies

Tonight I was on the Boar’s Head Facebook page and I saw a post by a woman simply requesting, “Please get rid of caramel coloring, malodextrin and lab – processed “natural flavors” in your meat products. Many of them, especially caramel coloring are linked to cancer. There is also no need for so much sugar in deli meat. Join other large corporations and make a positive change in your community.”

Polite. Courteous. Factual. She didn’t post with malicious intent or with a tone/vibe of negativity. She was simply a consumer making a request. And what happens? The trolls come out in full force. But not against her, per say.

They immediately started attacking Vani Hari (aka: Food Babe)! Are people really so petty that a consumer can no longer post on a company page without trolls attacking someone who wasn’t even mentioned in the post? Are people really so petty that they have to bully others, name call, and accuse people of being all sorts of things over meat products?

So I’m going to say what everyone is thinking: Trolls are bullies. Plain and simple. They probably go about their everyday lives posting memes and videos on Facebook about kindness, karma, love and how we need to stop bullying, all the while they go to random sites and bully others for simply not believing the same things they do.

It’s pathetic.

I wonder if their bullying comments ever show up in the news feeds of their families and friends. Can you imagine how awkward that family dinner would be? I imagine it would go something like this:

Family gathered for Sunday dinner:

Mom: So dear, I saw that awful comment you said to that girl on Facebook. You know, the one where you said she was an idiot and a fear-mongerer for asking for more organic options? Where did that come from? I know I didn’t raise you to be rude.

“Adult” Child/Troll: F**k you, Mom!

Unless Mom and Dad support their troll son or daughter’s bullying, in which case the conversation would go slightly different:

Mom: So dear, I saw that awful comment you said to that poor girl on Facebook. You know, the one where you said she was an idiot and a fear-mongerer for asking for more organic options? Your father and I are so proud of you!

“Adult” Child/Troll: I learned from the best! (beaming with feral pride)

Can you imagine how horrible it must feel to know your child grew up to be a bully/troll and to see the awful, horrible comments they make to others on the internet or in person? To see the way they treat others?

I don’t know about you but I would only want my children to treat others with respect. Yes, I would still want them to stand up for themselves, their beliefs, principles and others, but I would want them to do so with respect.

When did it become okay to tear others down over stupid stuff like meat products? Actually, when did it become okay to tear others down at all? And why is Boar’s Head and these other companies on Facebook not taking a stand against their armies of trolling bullies? Why are they not moderating their pages? Do they secretly support these bullies?

Anyway, on this post that I mentioned above, and after seeing all the horrible comments people were making I simply said, “I like that the original poster (and many others) don’t even mention Food Babe in their post and yet every comment is attacking Food Babe as if she was even mentioned! Lol. I guess no one is allowed to think for themselves anymore. They must automatically be a food babe follower if they care about what’s in their food. Ridiculous.”

To which one troll named “Elizabeth Leigh Trescher” (if that’s even her real name or a real profile/person) replied to me with the following:

“They came here because of Food Babe. You obviously don’t think for yourself either.”

Really? That’s a pretty lame comeback. My Grandmother could come up with a better comeback and she’s dead!

By the way, how does she know the original poster came to the page because of Food Babe? Where is her proof? Her physical proof? Where is it? And why should she care if someone comes to a meat product page because of Food Babe? Is it really that important to her or these other trolls? Do they have nothing better to do with their time than to bully others over meat products?

They must REALLY love their sausage if they have to troll people who have concerns over the ingredients.

By the way, if you know Elizabeth Leigh Trescher you should probably give her some lessons on how to behave like a decent human being. She desperately needs it. Or a hug.

But she’s not the only one on the internet trolling and bullying random people they’ve never met, know absolutely nothing about and never will meet or know anything about. There’s millions of them! So if you know any of them, call them out! Don’t let them get away with it. A good friend will tell you when you’re being a jerk and when you’re out of line. Stand up against bullying/trolling!

Let’s be honest here… Good, decent human beings don’t act like feral animals to their fellow human beings. Not online, not in person, never. NEVER. They don’t treat their fellow human beings like garbage, s**t, dirt, or anything else on that level.

Only feral people treat others like that.

Good, decent human beings generally tend to treat their fellow humans with some respect. They don’t troll. They don’t name call. Good, decent human beings know how to state their opinions or facts with respect.

Sure, we all have our bad days now and then but if your bad day is every day and you’re stooping to bullying and abusing those around you, whether in person or on the internet, even if it’s verbal, then it’s time to change.

I don’t care who you are. You could be the freakin’ Dalai Lama, the Queen of England, or the President of the United States for all I care, it still isn’t okay for a person to bully and abuse anyone.

So let’s all grow up and start acting like the adults we want to be treated as.

Say no to bullying. Say no to trolling.

Refugees and Kindness

I don’t watch the news very often anymore. Mostly because it seems the media prefers to show news that’s negative and I’m trying to become a more positive person. Occasionally, I’ll click on a news link as I’m perusing the happenings. Today, as I was doing just that, I ran across an article and video about a member of the Greek Coast Guard attempting to sink a boatload of Syrian refugees. At least that’s what he’s suspected of doing in the video. No one can really say but those who were there. The video evidence is awfully damning.

I don’t know if the video is staged or not. Either way it’s sad. If it’s staged then I’m sad that nations are more concerned with trying to make each other out to be evil instead of focusing on their own problems. If it’s not staged then I’m sad that anyone would deliberately attempt to sink a lifeboat full of refugees.

This is just one awful story among a plethora of awful stories. There are stories of puppies being trapped inside an aquarium with the lid cemented shut, mothers murdering their children, terrorist bombings here, there and everywhere… The list goes on.

It’s like we’re not even humans anymore.

Let’s say this video isn’t faked. That this Greek Coast Guard serviceman really did attempt to sink the lifeboat. Are these the actions of a lone imbecile? Was he following orders? What are the details? Neither excuses his actions but it’s good to know details. How very sad that someone would attempt to drown their fellow man. Even more so that someone who is supposed to save lives would make an effort to take them.

I’m glad the Turkish Coast Guard was there to pick up these refugees!

But I have a few questions…

1) Why did the Turkish CG watch this entire thing unfold, take the time to video it yet not take the time to intervene as it was happening?
The Turkish CG just happened to be there with a video camera? And then Waited until they were finished filming and waited until the lifeboat was sinking to pick up the refugees?

2) Was this in Greek waters? If so, what is the Turkish CG doing in Greek waters? Nations aren’t supposed to be patrolling their neighboring nations’ waters.

Does any of this seem strange to anyone else? That seems strange to me.

I don’t know about you but if I saw a lifeboat full of people sinking I wouldn’t sit back and wait around to see if anyone else is going to pick them up. No. You get your lazy butt over there to help. Even if someone else is already helping out you go over and say, “Hey there, do you need any help picking these folks up?” You don’t sit back, filming the entire thing, and wait for the boat to sink before helping out.

Now, let’s say this was in international waters and the Greek CG was deliberately trying to sabotage refugees. Why waste the energy going out to international waters to sink a lifeboat? Why not wait until they reach Greek waters, intercept them and send them back home? Why risk having the blood of others on your hands when you can legally refuse them and send them back or send them to a nation that will accept them?

Hopefully the actions of this Greek CG serviceman were his alone and not orders from the CG. Maybe the Greek CG took off out of embarrassment once they saw what he was doing and that they were being filmed. They’re denying the whole incident, of course.

If I were his fellow serviceman I would throw him overboard.

Okay, maybe not. Although, it would save time, effort and the expense of conducting an investigation, having a trial and forcing citizens to pay for his incarceration with their taxes should things take a turn in that direction.

I’ll leave you to make your own decision as to whether this incident really happened or was faked.

All I know is that we need more humanity and kindness in this world. More kindness to our family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and animals. More kindness to strangers. More importantly, we need to show more kindness towards ourselves. We cannot fill the kindness reservoir of others if we first do not fill our own reservoir.

Today, I offer you a challenge: Be kind to yourself today and every day. Believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities. Surround yourself with goodness. Tell yourself you’re smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, cool enough, fun enough, etc. Behave with confidence, grace and kindness. Your life will flourish if you do.

Kindness begins with us.

Visiting Family & Committing Murder

Going to visit family is always fun and relaxing, until you commit murder…

My friend, Gillian, and I left Wednesday afternoon to visit our families in Utah. I wanted to surprise mine so I didn’t tell my Dad or my sister that I was driving up. We arrived in Utah around 4 AM (with the time change) on Thursday morning, as expected. Not much happened there. We slept, had breakfast with Gillian’s cousins and chatted with them for a while before leaving for Idaho around 1 PM to surprise my sister.

We arrived at my sister’s house around 4 PM but she wasn’t home. Perfect. Everything was going according to plan and I drove around to the back of her house so she wouldn’t see the car when she got home. Gillian and I wandered around the property, taking pictures of the cows, horses and chickens. You know, what us city folk usually do when we find ourselves in a rural setting! We went into the house and had waited for no more than 10 minutes when my sister pulled into her driveway.

We hid behind the front door and waited as my sister carried a baby in one arm and groceries in the other. She opened the front door, walked into the house and put the baby and groceries down on the floor. I yelled, “Surprise!” and the look on my sister’s face was priceless. I’m convinced she would have dropped the baby had she not already put her down!

My sister ran over to me and gave me a long hug. She was in shock for a while. It was great!

We stayed the night there and drove back to Utah around noon on Friday to meet up with Gillian’s relatives. So we hung out with them for a bit before I was dropped off to meet up with my Dad.

I had my sister arrange a meeting with him under the guise that she had stuff she needed to give him and asked him to meet her at Sizzler’s. Dad was sitting on the bench outside the restaurant when I pulled up. I was 5 feet away from him and he didn’t even notice me getting out of the car. Finally, he looked up and smiled when he saw me. Then he looked around and said, “Wait, where’s…” (he couldn’t remember my sister’s name).

“She’s in Idaho. That was just a ruse.” I replied. We had a good laugh over it.

I’m sure you’re wondering when I’ll get to the part about murder, so allow me to fast forward a little bit.

We left Utah Saturday afternoon to head back home. A storm was starting to come in and the rain was off and on for a while before the darkness settled in for the night. As we neared Fernley, Nevada, the Grim Reaper decided our lives were a little too mundane to escape his deathly grasp.


I hit Wile E. Coyote!

The coyote had run back in the same direction I had swerved to avoid it, resulting in the vehicle hitting it straight on at 70 MPH. Instant death. I could hear the animal being drug for a few seconds and then there was silence. I had just committed murder.

Gillian and I were so shocked that when we looked at each other we started laughing. We laughed so hard we were in tears. Nothing like this had happened to me before!

I pulled into a gas station in Fernley next to Terrible’s Casino so that we could get gas before pushing on to our final destination. “Let’s check out the damage.” I said.

We got out of the car and walked around to the front of the vehicle.

The coyote was lodged in the bumper!

Looney Tunes will never be the same.

Looney Tunes will never be the same.

Neither of us knew what to do. We stood there in shock for a few minutes before realizing we needed to somehow get the poor thing out of the bumper. Certainly we couldn’t drive all the way to Sacramento with the poor creature lodged in the bumper!

We saw a cowboy walk out of the gas station/casino market and called him over. We showed him our dilemma and asked him if he could help. He called over his girlfriend/wife and they examined the bumper. Thankfully, he was able to get the coyote out of the bumper without any further damage to the coyote. Granted, it was dead and no longer cared what happened to its mortal body, but I still respect the fact that it was one of God’s creatures and had met a terrible fate.

Now we had a new dilemma, what to do with the coyote’s body. The cowboy told us to call the Sheriff’s to have animal control or whoever pick up the body. So I dialed 911, and the cowboy spoke to the dispatcher. The dispatcher wanted him to call some other number and he hung up. That’s when he took off his jacket, picked up the coyote with it and took it over to the fence near the highway and put it down where it couldn’t be seen and would now become a part of the earth.

We were still in shock for quite a while after that. That’s not exactly my idea of hunting!

By now it was 8:30/9:00 PM. We got gas and checked out the front of the car again. The bottom of the radiator was bent in a nicely rounded concave fashion but we decided to make an attempt to continue our journey home. We got as far as the Wadsworth rest stop before the radiator light started blinking and the car started making noise. We pulled into the rest stop and called roadside assistance.

This story ends in a very ordinary way. The tow truck finally arrived and we made it home Sunday morning. Despite being less than 3 hours from home, I didn’t get home until 2:15 AM or so. Gillian, probably 4 AM.

Days like these remind me why I prefer to fly!

Safe and happy travels, my friends!


Great Reno Balloon Race

I attended the Great Reno Balloon Race this year.

My friend and I drove up to Reno from Sacramento, leaving my area around 12:20 AM. We arrived in Reno around 2:30 AM and stopped to get something to eat. Well, mostly we sat in the drive-thru for 15-20 minutes because the line was backed up! As soon as the person behind us backed out of the drive-thru, we followed suit. We went into the restaurant and found out that the line inside was almost as long! Turns out they had a few workers call in “sick” and were very short-handed.

The lady taking orders was pretty funny. I wish I could remember her name. She managed to stay calm amidst the craziness of the rush and short-handedness. She deserves a raise! The girl in front of us in line, Laura, was a bit too anxious to get her food. At one point, while Laura was waiting to have her order taken an employee called out “Chad” to have him pick up his order. He apparently didn’t hear his name being called… multiple times. Finally, Laura yelled out, “Chad!” to which Chad came running. Laura then told Chad he was “killing” her.

Every time the employees called out someone else’s name Laura would get up, walk over and say, “Laura?” or “Did you say Laura?” to which the employee would reply with something funny like, “You need to calm down!”

Bless Laura’s heart. She was probably as starving as I was!

Finally we got our food and headed over to the LDS Institute of Religion where we were meeting up with our friends before the event. Most of us decided to drive over to an LDS building that was closer to walk from there.

We walked over to Rancho San Rafael Park, where the event is held each year. It was about a 12 minute walk or so, sort of uphill, which is good because I hadn’t walked on the treadmill the previous day.

The park was massive! There was a lake, a pretty white gazebo, tons of vendor tents, and lots of goodies. And then there were the people…

There were thousands of them! Everywhere!

It was so cool to see these massive balloons up close as they lit up the dark morning sky for the “glow show” before the Dawn Patrol began.

The balloons were as vibrant as any flower you would see in the wild and some were even in cool shapes of characters such as Smokey the Bear, Yoda, and Darth Vader.

Speaking of Darth Vader, this is what the official website’s Stand-Out Moment section says, “2011: The Darth Vader balloon made his first appearance to the event. The balloon gave way to Star Wars themed activities and contests and also brought in an entourage of Storm Troopers and included Darth himself!”

Too funny!

And then there was this guy, which I sent a picture of to my dad.


My dad loves Elvis.

But anyway, if you’re looking for a fun, family friendly event to just hang out and relax at then check out the Great Reno Balloon Race next year! Or, if you don’t have kids, bring your partner and watch the beautiful sunrise shine over the mountains.

Are you trying to tell me something?

Sometimes fortune cookies are deeply profound. I ordered Chinese food for lunch and received three fortune cookies with it. The first cookie said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

Wisely spoken, cookie.

How often do we hold ourselves back because we psych ourselves out into believing that we can’t do something? Probably far more often than we’d like to admit.

Not to get off topic here for a minute or anything, but does anyone else appreciate that fortune cookies use proper grammar and spelling? I don’t know about anyone else, maybe it’s a Virgo thing, but bad grammar and spelling seriously irritate me. I know I’m not perfect and some days I, too, spell horribly, horribly wrong. So most of the time I ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes of others.

Anyway, I opened fortune cookie number two and it said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

I think I’m having déjà vu. Oh, wait, nope. I just got the same fortune twice in a row. Do you think the universe is trying to tell me something? Like, maybe, I need to be more positive? Or think I can obtain the things that I want out of life?

Any guesses as to what’s behind the door for cookie number three? Drumroll, please…

“Embrace this love relationship you have!”

Apparently nobody told the cookie that I’m single because right now the only love relationship I’m having is with this delicious Chinese food!

That cookie was broken by the way. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to mean something or not.

Let’s hope it means my bad luck with relationships curse is broken! See, look, I’m more positive already!

Thanks, Universe!

Insanity rarely sleeps

Last night I stayed up until 4 AM because I’m obviously insane. And I was organizing my boards on Trello. Trello is an app that helps you to stay organized. It’s mostly boards with checklists, something I was in dire need of.

So, instead of sleeping like a normal person, I stayed up until 4 AM adding places I want to visit and things I want to see. When 4 AM rolled around I still didn’t want to go to sleep but I was about to crash. When I woke up it was somewhere around 8:30 AM – 9 AM. Mostly because it’s nearly impossible to get any sleep around here. One family member leaves for work at 3 AM, one comes home around 6 AM some days, one leaves for work at 7 AM, and one wakes up by 7 AM and starts making lots of noise in the house. C’est la vie.

But I digress. Trello. I still need to add a lot more places to it but I feel like I accomplished a lot and that this app will help me stay on track. The one thing I wish it had is a notecard. It doesn’t have that feature yet so I add any notes into the comments section on a blank card.

I saved some screenshots to help demonstrate what I’m talking about.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I currently have 3 boards.

Board screen

This is my Travel board. Each white section is a “card” that you can add a checklist to or make comments on. You can also add attachments.


Here’s what one checklist looks like. Simple, yet effective.


Here’s what a card with multiple checklists looks like when the checklists are minimized. This card is a list of one of the items on my bucket list: Visit every Latter-day Saint (LDS, aka: Mormon) temple in the world.


Here’s what having multiple checklists open looks like.


So you see, it’s a pretty handy app for someone like me who has a bucket list 10 miles long! Not only do I want to visit every LDS Temple in the world, I also want to visit every U.S. State’s Capital and every Nation’s Capital in the world.

And then there’s my “Dive Destinations” checklist, which I haven’t updated yet. Rest assured, it will also be 10 miles long!

Anyway, if you’re insane like me and love checklists, you’ll probably like this app. It’s quite handy! Currently it’s only fully functional on smartphones and tablets. You can open it up on your laptop, but you might only be able to see the lists and check them off. You might not be able to change, update or delete anything. I know I can’t from my laptop. You might have full features if you have a laptop that is a touchscreen. If anyone out there has a touchscreen laptop and has tried this app on it, let me know if it works!

For now, I’m going to hit the hay early!

Have a happy journey, my fellow travelers. Stay safe.

David Spade – In Conversation With Paul Lancour (Part 1)

Tonight I texted my friend, “How do you feel about David Spade?”


Okay, so she wasn’t that exuberant about it, no all caps or exclamation marks, but she’s a big fan. Her exact words were, “I love advid spade. Black sheep is one off my all time favs.”

Notice the spelling errors? She was so excited and typing so fast she couldn’t spell “David” or “of” correctly. You know how that goes. We’ve all been there.

I saw some reviews for Paul Lancour’s conversation with Patton Oswalt, looked up the conversations and saw that Spade will be a guest in November. It should be a fun and interesting evening. I’m looking forward to it.

The thing I’m not looking forward to is the possibility of having to spend the night in a ghetto hotel. And as much as I would look forward to staying in a 3-4 star hotel, there’s no way in Hell I’m spending $500-$1000 for one night. I’m conflicted. Cross your fingers that I find something affordable that isn’t cockroach infested or in a neighborhood where someone will bust a cap in my… posterior.

The tickets shipped from San Francisco yesterday. Today, they’re in Tennessee. I’m not sure exactly how that happened since I live about 2 1/2 hours from San Francisco. I mean, I know Sacramento isn’t exactly all that exciting but I feel like FedEx and UPS should know where the capital of California is by now. For some reason they just can’t ship things here. My packages always end up going through some other random city. Every time.

It’s weird.

Anyway, if you good folks have any recommendations for eateries, places to see or things to do, send a message via email, twitter or facebook.

Happy travels!